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 It's that "Try to catch me ridin' dirty" song that everyone knows about, which I remember being super popular when I was a young teenager. Rap Critic's now done an episode on it (and it's really great)!

If you don't have time to watch the video, the gist of the review he gave is that the song is technically very competent and enjoyable to listen to, but the actual content leaves something to be desired (as it's ostensibly about racial profiling but the guys in the song actually were committing crimes).
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 FINALLY I have a "Xam'd: Lost Memories" themed icon! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, my absolute favorite time of the whole entire year!

And it's got cute little cuddly-wuddly Furuichi on it, of course (it's wrong that I relate to him) XD
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*Sigh* I said I was going to make a fanfic based around the idea of Cori feeding Jessie, James, and Meowth tons of food, so here it is.

This is kinda sorta AU; there’s nothing about it that strictly contradicts canon (I hope) but it doesn’t have a specific time or place relevant to any other part of canon. It’s just…a side quest, if you will. It also gets a bit headcanon-heavy, especially down the road.


Read Part 1 )
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Need I say more?

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Reading Cori Falls' "Never Too Late" gets hilarious if you go to school about an hour away from the city of Rochester, NY....
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 It's official--I have found my new favorite video over at That Guy With the Glasses' Todd in the Shadows.

It's this one!

Oh, my god! This is the best video! Seriously, it blows my old favorite, the Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2004, out of the water! It's just so FUNNY (and the songs are actually good)!

Warning: video is rather NSFW.
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 Because I just can't let go of "Shiki" just yet....

Warning: Spoilers )So, in conclusion, I'll just leave you by reiterating: I love you, you're awesome, you're amazing and underappreciated and everything a "Shiki" character should be and... and... never change. Just... keep doing what you do. I just hope I can play with you some more next Halloween. 

You win! <3
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 So I visited the Ask Peta!Ash tumblr a bit ago and posted something about how his methods were against the rules, in the hopes of getting him to say "Screw the rules, I have money!" (since this Peta!Ash acts so much like Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged).

This was the result.

It's not the exact wording, but it'll do XD

redwoodalchan: (pic#4920144) the Tumblr blogs made in its "honor." They have "ask" blogs of many of the characters from it now, and some of these are hilarious.

I especially love the ask PeTA!Ash blog. It's hilarious what they've managed to come up with. All PeTA!Ash ever seems to think about is money. He acts like Seto Kaiba in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged." And I think he once killed Gary because Gary wanted to do the same thing and make money like he did? Hell if I know, it's not like it makes much sense. Whatever, it's safe to say that the funniest blogs are probably the ones where the characters act the least like their canon selves--so PeTA!Ash and PeTA!Cheren have their characters acting more OOC than PeTA!Ghetsis, and thus are (marginally) funnier (there's even a hilarious post on Ask PeTA!Cheren about how he can undergo convergent evolution to evolve into either the sexy gym leader we how from canon or the strawman we see in PeTA's game).

But anyway, I've got Ask PeTA!Ash, Ask PeTA!Cheren, and Ask PeTA!Ghetsis on my dashboard now so I posted their addresses below. There's also an ask blog for the Pikachu featured in the game, and there may be more, but I haven't seen them and don't have them on hand.

Ask PeTA!Ash
Ask PeTA!Cheren
Ask PeTA!Ghetsis


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