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 We all know there are many problems with Tumblr culture, one of the most obvious of which is that it tends to be a breeding ground for what Harp refers to as BAW-ers. But it occurs to me that not all Tumblr jerks are in the holier-than-thou vein--some of them seem like they're just jerks for the sake of being jerks. I've heard tell of people on Tumblr doing things like...

-Laughing at Europe for having heat waves in which people have actually gotten killed
-Laughing at Europeans for complaining about high temperatures that Americans are mostly used to
-Laughing at those who erroneously claim Europe isn't a racist place--while talking over actual Europeans who face racism!

...and so on.

Unless this is really more of the same holier-than-thou crap, just in a different form.
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 For what it's worth, I always get a bit offended when people seem to want to argue that if you can't get out of whatever bad situation that's automatically your fault for not trying hard enough. Like, the kind of people who'll tell you that if you're poor, you just need to get more jobs to stop being poor, or if you're being abused, you just need to stand up to/get away from your abuser--or that if you're not willing to do literally anything it takes to end the environmental crisis you're automatically part of the problem. I mean, I'm sure there are some people who can always pull themselves up by their bootstraps or are super resourceful or have nothing to lose or whatever, but I'm pretty sure those kinds of people are the exception rather than the rule. And to insinuate that it's somehow a failing on the part of the suffering person if they can't fix all their own problems, just strikes me as very uncaring, you know?
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 Okay, so I've been doing some thinkin' about cons, and I've been trying to work out exactly which ones I should go to this year (bearing in mind that I don't know when or where my last con will be). Since they cost money and time, I figure that I shouldn't go out of my way to go to cons willy-nilly.

So here's the plan:

Cons that I will almost definitely go to barring unforeseen scheduling conflicts:

KotoriCon (near my home)

These three are the baseline. Everything else will depend on how my summer and jobs and everything look like they'll be playing out.

If I don't get a job (that I want) for this summer, I won't go to any other cons at all. I'll spend it finding work/applying to grad school/whatever.
If I land a job with the BLM or some other domestic environmental/ecological organization, I can treat myself to one extra con at some point this year.
If I get the Malaysia Fulbright I applied for, I can treat myself to two extra cons 
If I get a job with the Peace Corps, I can treat myself to two extra cons if I find time
If I get a Luce fellowship, I can treat myself to three extra cons (if I can find time)
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So, those of you who follow my sporkings may notice that I'm actually not the biggest stickler for canon there is. Yes I'll complain if I see something that contradicts canon (particularly if it's a character behaving in an OOC way), but it's not my primary focus when I spork or otherwise analyze a fanfic. If the fic is interesting enough (for good or for ill), it's kind of an afterthought. For awhile now, in fact, it's been my impression that after a certain point, if a fic is sufficiently interesting or straight-up crazy it kind-of doesn't matter whether it adheres to canon or not (though I do tend to get annoyed if I see a fic where you could replace the names of the characters and locations with anything and have difficulty noticing).

Case in point: sometime ago I found a Pokemon DPPt fanfic that featured, among other things, Saturn and Jupiter as cousins from England and Canada (respectively); Mars turning Saturn into an Eevee for no reason in the hopes that he can escape from Cyrus, who's now an alcoholic; an autopsy on Hunter J in which they discover that she apparently has had sex and is pregnant for reasons that are (near as I can tell) never adequately explained; and a bit in which Pokemon characters (who may or may not exist in canon) travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, to take on a case with the cast of "CSI: New York." It also contains lines like this:

"I think you guys are panicking," I sighed. "I'm breathing just fine, but I do feel a little sick..." the Charizard roared slightly.

"We should pretend that she's a dragon and take her to a vet," Mac blinked.

"Or pretend she's a mutated orange lizard with wings," Stella shrugged.

Needless to say, the story contradicts canon in far too many ways for anyone to name; but at the end of the day, who cares? I mean, what can you really say to a line like that? "Ha ha, this fic's so bad that it has a Charizard interacting with Mac and Stella from "CSI: New York," in which pokemon don't exist?
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Legato is seriously the best name for a male Gardevoir in the history of ever.

*Sigh* In other news, I'm debating whether I should continue to capitalize the names of pokemon or whether I should switch to using the lower-case versions. This just came up because I'm writing a research paper on RL animals, and while some reports capitalize their names (it's apparently quite common in birding circles, for example) most don't. I'm inclined to think I will continue to capitalize them, just because if it's consistency I'm after, it'll look a lot less consistent if I suddenly switch to using lower-case names.
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 This is something that's been on my mind about Cori Falls's story "Family Matters" for quite some time. Every so often I'll read through that story a bit just because it's cheesy and over-the-top. One thing that struck me about it is that Cori spends so much time in that fic talking about how wonderful Jessie and James's baby would be, and what all they'd do once they had a baby, and so on, that it seems as though she really wanted Jessie and James to have a baby there, but got overruled by canon.

If nothing else, she's (or was) as preoccupied with the idea of Jessie and James having a baby as I am with killing random characters' mothers in childbirth (that is, pretty damn preoccupied).
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 I want to save the environment. Because I'm a selfish prick who can't stand the thought that I won't be able to enjoy it anymore, or else that I'll die of a climate-related catastrophe. I don't want to endure food or water shortages, I don't want to be infected with a rare tropical disease in my New Jersey hometown, and I don't want to lose the simple pleasures associated with the change of seasons that I love so much. Besides, how will I ever make it around the world if every country below the 49th Parallel has been rendered unlivable by climate change?

There, I said it. End rant.
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 So, as I look, one of the interesting things about "Trigun's" voice-acting cast, at least in English, is that it seems to have recruited a lot of voice actors who were relatively unknown at the time and/or didn't go on to have much of a career.

Take the four main "Trigun" men: Vash, Wolfwood, Legato, and Knives. Of those four, only two (Vash and Legato) had voice actors who managed to have real voice-acting careers. And only Vash's voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, has had a career that fans bother to keep track of or talk about (Vash was also Johnny Yong Bosch's debut role, meaning that he may well have had a career thanks to "Trigun"). Legato's VA, Richard Cansino, has been in plenty of other roles, but only a small handful of other roles (most especially Kenshin Himura, the hero of "Rurouni Kenshin," a show I loved as a teenager) seems to have achieved real widespread popularity. And I have no idea who the guys who played Wolfwood or Knives are at all (Knives's VA, Bo Williams, is only credited with three roles, in total, on Behind the Voice Actors, which can't even provide a picture of him).

This may or may not be true across the board. I know Meryl and Milly, the two leading ladies, are voiced respectively by Dorothy Elias-Fahn and Lia Sargent, both of which seem to have had careers (Dorothy Elias-Fahn was actually in "Code Geass," which was dubbed many years after "Trigun," but her role was minor and I don't know how many of her other roles people really remember). And I know that both Bryce Papenbrook, and Joshua Seth, who play Vash and Knives as children (respectively), have been in some pretty high-powered roles since (Bryce Papenbrook also debuted in "Trigun," and has since gone on to play major characters in shows like "Vampire Knight," "Durarara!!" and more recently "Sword Art Online").

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 So to help me with my Sue-sporking I've revisited a couple of the videos in Shmeiliarockie's "You Are Bella" series.

This got long... )
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 What I want is a fanfic of Grimsley from Pokemon BW being a good person. Like, mentoring a new trainer, or being really sweet to his pokemon, or just somehow being a good Samaritan. And I've wanted this for awhile now but never found such a fic to my liking. I guess you could call it a desire for redress after that completely-awful fanfic I sporked awhile ago in which he was an evil rapist for absolutely no good reason at all.

Although...recently I've revisited the author of that fanfic. Upon further consideration, I would almost (almost) be prepared to defend this author to an extent, on the grounds that it does seem like her heart's in the right place (maybe) but she's just so steeped in her own internalized prejudices (and so incompetent of an author) that what she's trying to say comes out all wrong. Granted, this faint praise is coming from the woman who's now suffered through the disgusting misogynistic atrocity that is Twisted! and is currently in the process of writing a new spork of a Pokemon DPPt fic that dares to blame Dawn for losing her "virginity" to Cyrus...through rape! *Headdesk*

For those of you who don't follow my sporkings and commentary religiously, I just defended the moron who brought you "Darkest Night" and "Silver Bindings" on the grounds that she at least never pretends her rapists are anything but the bad guys.
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 ...that male Mary Sues are twice as annoying as female Mary Sues?

I mean, they're less common, but it seems like they make up for it by being more insufferable, more assholish, more selfish, and more sexist/racist/homophobic than all but the worst female Mary Sues. If you think about it, who's more obnoxious: Anabella or Christian Grey? Or, while we're at it, Bella Swan and Christian Grey (or Edward Cullen, as the case may be)?

This just occurred to me because as I plan out my sporkings one thing I notice is that while I certainly get annoyed by female Mary Sues, it's the male Mary Sues (or, in some cases, the male associates of female Mary Sues) that really get most of my ire. Case in point: I'm currently writing up a sporking of a Lifetime!fic based around Pokemon DPPt, and while Dawn is indeed irritating (and the bits about Cyrus raping Dawn are indeed vile) it's Lucas who's getting most of my hate.
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 So, back when I was in middle school, I heard the Evanescence song "My Immortal" played CONSTANTLY on the radio. It'd play as I was going home from school on the bus (and sometimes in the morning too) and I got so sick of it it wasn't even funny.

Yet, by the time I got to high school it was gone from the radio. And these days, the only connection most of us seem to have to it comes in the form of a certain infamous Harry Potter trollfic!
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So say Renesmee really is the Antichrist out to kill everyone. What makes you think Leah alone would be spared? Is there any qualification that Leah is more powerful than the other werewolves? If Renesmee kills the other werewolves she could probably just kill Leah as well. Seriously--I'm getting the impression that the only reason why you say that is because you actually like Leah.
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 So, I've seen tons of amateur stories now where the POV character insists that she's misunderstood and outcast by others despite their not doing anything (so far as I could see) to merit her dislike of them. But I was recently given a story to edit that's just the opposite: the POV character is criminally neglected by everyone whom we see who's supposed to be responsible for her safety, and she makes light of this and brushes off a severe injury she sustains that nobody bothers to take her to the hospital over as an exciting adventure!
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 Can anyone tell me if a "would you like to live in your fandom" type meme exists now?

If not, would it be acceptable if I made one?


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