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H-have I mentioned how much I hate it when people act like humans are the Devil and anything not human is good?

This got loooooong )
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So apparently, females of any species (including humans!) are tastier meat than males. Something to do with fat ratios.

Also, rape is ridiculously common in the animal world. It's ALSO common for males to go out of their way to make sexual activity unpleasant for females so they won't have offspring with anyone else.

Excuse me while I curl up in a ball and cry. Someone prove me wrong.
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Legato is seriously the best name for a male Gardevoir in the history of ever.

*Sigh* In other news, I'm debating whether I should continue to capitalize the names of pokemon or whether I should switch to using the lower-case versions. This just came up because I'm writing a research paper on RL animals, and while some reports capitalize their names (it's apparently quite common in birding circles, for example) most don't. I'm inclined to think I will continue to capitalize them, just because if it's consistency I'm after, it'll look a lot less consistent if I suddenly switch to using lower-case names.
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 So it's recently come to my attention that the Supreme Court, I guess, overturned a ruling in Alaska that protected Polar Bear habitats from oil drilling.

I'd like to think that the citizens of Alaska would never stand for this, but I can only hope that that's true. There's nothing I can do, unless someone wants to send me a petition or something.

It's times like these when I feel most as though the world is slowly being destroyed by rich, powerful old men while everyone else is helpless to do anything to stop it. And that's terrible.


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