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 Mayamada is a London-based clothing and comic company for nerds, which is based around anthro characters the designers have come up with. I first got acquainted with them at the Hyper Japan Christmas market I went to in London last weekend, when I bought a copy of their graphic novel for a secret Santa present. If you're like me and you enjoy anthro characters but never really got into the sexual aspects of the furry fandom this is the website for you (we see all manner of furry and not-so-furry creatures but virtually none of them are sexualized in any obvious ways).

The only comic they have that seems to be available on the market is called "Samurai Chef," which is a pretty clever little twist on the Iron Chef concept, with two teams preparing dishes--but the object is not to eat them but to see how well they stand up to being attacked by the judge, the Samurai Chef in question! Obviously this isn't a comic that provokes thought or makes bold artistic statements, but it's cute and wildly entertaining. Pretty much all the anime AND all the chef archetypes you care to name are in this comic and are all instantly recognizable: the strong, silent type; the motor-mouthed, overeager announcer and his meeker assistant; and so on. I'd say it was light-years better than Twisted! but that would be damning it by faint praise. What I will say is that it pretty much ended up being everything I had hoped Twisted! would be--a tale of wacky anthro creatures having fun, creative adventures that you could just relax and enjoy.

If you want to buy these people's stuff, I wouldn't know how easy that is because I haven't actually tried ordering British things from America. You're welcome to give it a try if you want to get something, though. And if you ever do happen to be in England and at one of the events they attend, I would recommend checking them out.
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 I'm so excited!

The first time I went to Anime Boston was in my freshman year of college, when I went with RPI's anime club.  That was the con where I bought the poster of N which turned be into a Pokemon fan as an adult. I couldn't make it to Anime Boston my second year, but this time I was able to convince my parents that we should go for Memorial Day weekend. The way it's going to work, I'll go up on Thursday and my parents, my little sister, and her friends will follow me on Friday after my sister's high school lets out. I'll be the first one there and the last to leave, since I plan on staying in Boston until late Sunday afternoon, while everyone else will be leaving in the morning, so I can go to the Japan Festival, which Anime Boston advertises.

I still haven't decided exactly what events I'll go to. I know I want autographs from Christopher Bevins and David Matranga, because they provide the voices of my favorite characters in "Romeo X Juliet" and "Xam'd Lost Memories" (respectively). Oh, and if I can get Greg Ayres to autograph my new "Ouran High School Host Club" DVD that would be awesome too. Other than that, though, I think I've been so consumed by the excitement of it all that I haven't actually been able to sit down and make firm plans :P

One thing I was kinda sorta hoping I'd get a chance to do at some point is buy an elegant gothic lolita dress. No such luck, though--it wouldn't arrive in time. So I'll just be wearing this cool anime-inspired squid T-shirt for one day, and casual dresses for the rest of the time. Sometime in the future, though, I may have to find myself the perfect elegant gothic lolita dress which I can wear to every con I go to for ever more.

I also learned that they're going to be showing "Shiki" at Anime Boston this year! I, however, will not be going on account of the fact that I've already seen it twice and will be running a showing at my school this upcoming fall. And why watch anime at a con, anyway, when you could be doing things you couldn't do anywhere else?

Anyway, if anyone else is going to be there let me know and maybe we can hang out.
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 So, I love to travel. However, there's no way I'm ever actually going to go to most of the places I want to go to. So I thought it'd help me keep perspective if I ranked all the places I want to visit.

Rank A (I really want to visit these places AND I have a pretext for it--that is, community service, study abroad etc.)
Romania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel

Rank B (high on my list of places to visit, but no pretext for them)
Japan, Madagascar, Argentina, Denmark

Rank C (I want to visit them, but not as much as the first two--I can fairly easily do without going to these places)
South Africa, Ghana, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Panama

However, I've decided I'm not allowed to go to any of these places without a good reason. Things like volunteer work or study abroad are good reasons; sentiment is not. 

I've ALSO decided that, if at all possible, I should refrain from flying. I get that that's difficult to arrange, but that's why there's so few countries at the top of the list.
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 By this time tomorrow, I'll be in Costa Rica! I'll be spending two weeks there, brushing up on my Spanish and helping children in San Jose, the nation's capital. Hopefully I'll get to visit the rainforest or volcanoes while I'm there too!


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