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Sooo... I decided to rewatch "Baccano!" this year. My first experience with "Baccano!" came when I was a college freshman. It was the first show I watched with my school's anime club, and from the moment I saw the first episode it was love at first sight (so to speak). I watched the entire show my freshman year, but now I want to watch it again.

Anyway, there's a couple of things I'm looking out for that I think I might have missed the first time around. First of all, I intend to determine conclusively this time whether or not I think Lua Klein is my favorite character. It's been a suspicion of mine for a little while that she is, but I've never had the guts to actually say it because her role is relatively minor. However, now that I've confessed to liking the most unlikable character in all of "Shiki" I think I can fess up to my having her as my favorite, if indeed this is the case.

Speaking of "Shiki," I'll also be tracking Todd Haberkorn's and Ian Sinclair's characters, Firo and Dallas (respectively). I've only rewatched one episode and already I'm fangirling Dallas like crazy, so I wonder if I've developed a genuine soft spot for loser characters or if I'm just turning into an Ian Sinclair fangirl in general. Firo, meanwhile, is just as fun and badass as I remember him; but after the shock (in a good way) of seeing Todd Haberkorn turn over a new leaf in "Shiki" I'm not sure if I find Firo refreshing or boring since he plays those kinds of roles so often. And then there's J. Michael Tatum, who provides the voice of Seishiro in "Shiki" and Isaac in "Baccano!" Now, what's interesting is that in both of these shows his characters have fairly similar mannerisms--but they're treated very differently simply because of the overarching tone of the show (heart-wrenching horror drama vs. twisted black comedy).

So far I've only rewatched one episode, but already I'm seeing things I didn't catch the first time around. For example, Luck and Firo actually mention the Rail Tracer in the very first episode--though they don't reveal who he is or what his business is. Additionally, for some reason, I did not remember ever getting to see the Daily Days's Vice President's face. But apparently you do see it quite a lot in the first episode. For that matter, I'd also forgotten just how sexy Kent Williams's voice is in that role!



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