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Look, I'm glad that you're so happy and content in your atheistic ways, but for fuck's sake, if I specifically create a forum post asking RELIGIOUS Iron Maiden fans what they think of Iron Maiden's music, that's not your cue to come in and announce yourselves as proudly atheistic (duh)! Last I checked, you can't be both religious and atheistic--the moment you become one, you stop being the other. Go somewhere else where I'm not trying to draw specifically RELIGIOUS fans out of the woodwork!

No love,

I'd complain but the problem is threads in the fan club get derailed all the time, so I'll be the one who looks mean-spirited if I do.But if atheists hijack my thread and start waving "Starblind" around like a victory flag as proof that look, Iron Maiden were pro-atheist all along, I think I might throw a fit.

(I'm sorry if I sound overly harsh on atheists. It's not that I think there's anything inherently bad about atheism, really. What I don't like is atheists who try to change my or anyone else's mind about their beliefs, or hold themselves up as inherently more enlightened than religious people. To me they're no better than fanatical evangelical Christians)

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 So now that there’s a story on Das Sporking that’s got people talking about Iron Maiden, I figured it’d be helpful if I made something explaining them to those still not in the know. I recently spent a stint in England studying abroad, and while I arrived in the UK a casual fan of Maiden, I returned to the States an absolutely adoring fan.

See what I have to say... )

And…that’s about it for my own experience of Maiden. Rock on! \m/

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Iron Maiden, everyone!!

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 As any metalhead will tell you, “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is about as good as a metal song gets. But what is it about this song, really, that makes it so special? Obviously that’s a matter of opinion. Some people like its complex melodies, some people like its philosophical lyrics, some people like its immersiveness, and so forth. To me, though, it goes beyond that. Plenty of Iron Maiden songs, and just metal songs in general, have gorgeous, complex melodies and philosophical lyrics. Yet, “Hallowed Be Thy Name” still stands as one of heavy metal’s crowned jewels. It’s different from your average metal song, and is a big aspect of what sets Iron Maiden apart from most other metal bands.

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So…yeah. That’s my long-winded explanation as to why “Hallowed Be Thy Name” is so special.

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 Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day! I think I’ll celebrate by reaffirming my love of Iron Maiden and being rude about the Decemberists!

Warning: suicide, death, and talk of rape and abuse )
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 This past Christmas I listened to tons of Iron Maiden. Then I watched This is Spinal Tap with my family. On Christmas Eve my family and I went to see a play called, well, "The Play That Goes Wrong," which is probably the funniest play I've seen since "Spamalot" or "The Drowsy Chaperone" and is basically what it sounds like.

I've noticed that Iron Maiden seems to be taking the place in my heart that has for the longest time been occupied by anime. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully I'll keep being into anime for at least the remainder of the school year, especially since I hope to give more panel presentations at cons (I had some good, long thoughts about Masao Murasako and Clair Leonelli earlier today, so there's some hope). I'm not sure what I'll do with my Iron Maiden CD's when I get back to the States. I might play some of them when I get wistful about England, and my favorite one, "The Number of the Beast," I might play more regularly. I might keep "Somewhere in Time" in my car to play for my friends, since that's the only one I feel comfortable sharing. I think I may end up putting "Dance of Death" and AMOLAD into cold storage until my next trip to England, though, as they're just so heavy I don't know how much more of them I can take.

Today my dad, my sister and I went on the London Eye, and then I spent the next few hours exploring a carnival nearby until it came time to go see the third Hobbit movie in IMAX 3D. Super cool. I was interested in how they basically made Thorin a tragic character, something I remember him not at all being in the books.

(And now I'm wondering what Cori Falls's reaction would be. Did she ever comment on The Hobbit, or only LOTR?)

Tomorrow we're going to see a Shakespeare play, and it'll be an all-day thing. I'm so excited.
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 So as I was listening to the Iron Maiden songs on my iPhone the other day I came to the conclusion that if I didn't want to listen to ALL my Iron Maiden songs at a time (I've got 11 on my iPhone and they get looooooong), I could split them up depending on the time of day, because some sound better in the daylight and others sound better at night.

Daytime songs:
"Run to the Hills"
"The Trooper"
"Aces High"
"Different World"
"Isle of Avalon"

Nighttime songs:
"The Number of the Beast"
"Fear of the Dark"
"El Dorado"

Any-old-time songs:
"Hallowed Be Thy Name"
"2 Minutes to Midnight"
(aka: my personal favorites)
...As I think of it I could probably do the same for my Judas Priest songs (though I only have six of those and there's a bit more overlap)

Daytime songs:
"Breaking the Law"
You Got Another Thing Comin'"

Nighttime songs:
"Living After Midnight"
"A Touch of Evil"

Any-old-time songs:
"Electric Eye"


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