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So Rowdy C reviewed a dead baby comedy known as "Mr. Pickles," and as I watched the review, I wonder if he feels the same way about that show that I feel about Shittted! Because the stories do seem like they could be fairly similar on some levels (though I have NO interest WHATSOEVER in testing that theory--the review of this thing alone made me want to cry in a corner).

I mean, I've encountered quite a bit of sick and wrong and horrifying over the ages, but this is like, "can't sleep, monsters under the bed will brutally murder me" grade sick and wrong and horrifying here!

Oh, and I'm not providing a link to the review. I refuse to go near that review again. If you really want to watch it you can go to Rowdy C's homepage and look it up on your own time. Just keep in mind, I sporked Shittted! and "Elfen Lied." That should tell you something about how bad this is.
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 So far I've composed a document that contains every chapter up thru 18. Ordinarily I'd read through it once, then go back, close-read, and compose the spork (or, as I've been doing more regularly, close-read and spork as I go). Since I'm only sporking two chapters, though, I may have to reevaluate.

I've already read the two chapters I'm supposed to spork, just to get a feel for what's in them. I've since gone back and begun reading from the beginning, and I'll read up to my assigned chapters. Once that's done, I think I'll go back and close-read two chapters at a time, until I once again get back to my assigned chapters, at which point I'll compose the sporking itself. I don't see any reason to read any more, though, unless I decide I love it so much I simply must spork another chapter.

I've also been reading the Divine Comedy in all its gory glory! No big surprise, this author's gotten the title wrong. There's so much of an emphasis on Beatrice in this book yet Beatrice isn't even a character in the Inferno, except insofar as she's the reason Dante goes on his quest in the first place. She plays a bigger role in later sections, but here's the thing: this book's not called The Divine Comedy As Reimagined by Twihards, or even Gabriel's Paradise or something; it's Gabriel's Inferno! Yet it has virtually nothing to do with the Inferno! When I think of the Inferno I think of the vivid descriptions of Hell and sinners and punishments and monsters, yet that never comes up!
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 I get Chapters 17 and 18. It looks like they're the chapters where we learn about the heroine's dark, tortured past. Also she and her man are domestic together and this author spends way too much time describing what they wear and eat, and has them come up with eye-bleedingly awful nicknames (Angelfucker?! REALLY?!). And her man sounds like my mom, on days when I'm recovering from some great physical or psychological ordeal. 

In fact, I'm reminded of nothing so much as Cori Falls.
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 And I can't even watch the far-superior "Shiki" afterwards, because I left it at home! Sigh....

Ahem, I first watched this show when I was a teenager, and I remember liking it but not thinking it lived up to my expectations. As the years have gone by and it's processed further, though, I've become quite angry with it. So I decided to tune in again, to see if it still holds up, and maybe redeem it in my eyes (though frankly, that almost certainly won't happen at this rate).

At the current rate, I think it's a dead ringer for a sporking. I've actually been compiling notes of things to talk about for a sporking of this show, in fact. Since it's an incredibly violent show I figured I'd pitch it to Mervin first to see if she's okay with it (obviously I wouldn't show any pictures of naked people or violent scenes) and if she doesn't give me the green light I'll probably still spork it on my own journal or something. I've got a bone to pick with this series, and truthfully it goes beyond the story's actual quality and content (though they both suffer from obvious flaws). I'm just so sick of people treating it as some sort of high water mark of mature anime, while series that can do the exact same thing it can and be smarter and more mature about it languish in the shadows of obscurity!
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 One thing I've come to notice from walking in sporking circles is that not only do multiple sporkings of the Hunger Games trilogy apparently exist, but someone's started sporking Divergent on Das_Sporking as well. Now, I can't attest to the quality of either of these works, but from my understanding both series have their good points and their bad points--they're not notoriously awful works like Twilight or the Fifty Shades series, which a good chunk of people enjoy ironically if at all. I'm beginning to think that part of the reason people are so eager to spork them is less anything specifically pertaining to their actual content (though that may have figured in, at least when this trend began) than that it's simply become "cool" to spork stories like that. Something about them makes them an easy target nowadays, in other words.


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