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*Sigh* I said I was going to make a fanfic based around the idea of Cori feeding Jessie, James, and Meowth tons of food, so here it is.

This is kinda sorta AU; there’s nothing about it that strictly contradicts canon (I hope) but it doesn’t have a specific time or place relevant to any other part of canon. It’s just…a side quest, if you will. It also gets a bit headcanon-heavy, especially down the road.


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So, those of you who follow my sporkings may notice that I'm actually not the biggest stickler for canon there is. Yes I'll complain if I see something that contradicts canon (particularly if it's a character behaving in an OOC way), but it's not my primary focus when I spork or otherwise analyze a fanfic. If the fic is interesting enough (for good or for ill), it's kind of an afterthought. For awhile now, in fact, it's been my impression that after a certain point, if a fic is sufficiently interesting or straight-up crazy it kind-of doesn't matter whether it adheres to canon or not (though I do tend to get annoyed if I see a fic where you could replace the names of the characters and locations with anything and have difficulty noticing).

Case in point: sometime ago I found a Pokemon DPPt fanfic that featured, among other things, Saturn and Jupiter as cousins from England and Canada (respectively); Mars turning Saturn into an Eevee for no reason in the hopes that he can escape from Cyrus, who's now an alcoholic; an autopsy on Hunter J in which they discover that she apparently has had sex and is pregnant for reasons that are (near as I can tell) never adequately explained; and a bit in which Pokemon characters (who may or may not exist in canon) travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, to take on a case with the cast of "CSI: New York." It also contains lines like this:

"I think you guys are panicking," I sighed. "I'm breathing just fine, but I do feel a little sick..." the Charizard roared slightly.

"We should pretend that she's a dragon and take her to a vet," Mac blinked.

"Or pretend she's a mutated orange lizard with wings," Stella shrugged.

Needless to say, the story contradicts canon in far too many ways for anyone to name; but at the end of the day, who cares? I mean, what can you really say to a line like that? "Ha ha, this fic's so bad that it has a Charizard interacting with Mac and Stella from "CSI: New York," in which pokemon don't exist?
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Aaand, the first ever entry in the Awkward Fanfic Theatre is…
Title: What Pretty Girls Get
Author: GoodbyeCrimson
Fandom: Shiki
Pairings: MasaoXMegumi
Warnings: Abuse
Summary: “MasaoxMegumi.Oneshot.Megumi's always been prettier than why does she get the feeling that the plain-faced girl has something she doesn't? And why is she starting to enjoy hanging out with that creep Masao...?”

Contains spoilers for Shiki )
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Awkward Fanfic Theatre is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a little while now, but which I was only recently inspired to actually make a reality.

The basic idea behind Awkward Fanfic Theatre is to give me a venue to discuss those fanfics I found which I thought were awkward or uncomfortable or strange or silly, in some way which I thought was notable but not extreme enough to bear a full-on sporking. I won’t be going through these fics line-by-line—instead you’ll find a lot of commentary interspersed with quotes to help me make my point. Sort-of like the format for my Twisted! sporking but with less summarizing and more commentary.

Additionally, chances are I won’t have as much vitriol for these stories as I do for the sort I normally spork. After all, if they made me that angry on that many levels, chances are I’d just spork them.

Master List

I’ll be running Awkward Fanfic Theatre on and off indefinitely now, and I have a few fics already lined up to put here. If you want to see an entry in particular, you can find it here.

What Pretty Girls Get

Girly Boy


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