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2015-08-27 05:24 pm

Anyone else notice this?

 We all know there are many problems with Tumblr culture, one of the most obvious of which is that it tends to be a breeding ground for what Harp refers to as BAW-ers. But it occurs to me that not all Tumblr jerks are in the holier-than-thou vein--some of them seem like they're just jerks for the sake of being jerks. I've heard tell of people on Tumblr doing things like...

-Laughing at Europe for having heat waves in which people have actually gotten killed
-Laughing at Europeans for complaining about high temperatures that Americans are mostly used to
-Laughing at those who erroneously claim Europe isn't a racist place--while talking over actual Europeans who face racism!

...and so on.

Unless this is really more of the same holier-than-thou crap, just in a different form.
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2012-10-24 07:23 pm


 So I visited the Ask Peta!Ash tumblr a bit ago and posted something about how his methods were against the rules, in the hopes of getting him to say "Screw the rules, I have money!" (since this Peta!Ash acts so much like Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged).

This was the result.

It's not the exact wording, but it'll do XD

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2012-10-12 06:48 pm
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The best thing to come out of this whole PeTAmon business... the Tumblr blogs made in its "honor." They have "ask" blogs of many of the characters from it now, and some of these are hilarious.

I especially love the ask PeTA!Ash blog. It's hilarious what they've managed to come up with. All PeTA!Ash ever seems to think about is money. He acts like Seto Kaiba in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged." And I think he once killed Gary because Gary wanted to do the same thing and make money like he did? Hell if I know, it's not like it makes much sense. Whatever, it's safe to say that the funniest blogs are probably the ones where the characters act the least like their canon selves--so PeTA!Ash and PeTA!Cheren have their characters acting more OOC than PeTA!Ghetsis, and thus are (marginally) funnier (there's even a hilarious post on Ask PeTA!Cheren about how he can undergo convergent evolution to evolve into either the sexy gym leader we how from canon or the strawman we see in PeTA's game).

But anyway, I've got Ask PeTA!Ash, Ask PeTA!Cheren, and Ask PeTA!Ghetsis on my dashboard now so I posted their addresses below. There's also an ask blog for the Pikachu featured in the game, and there may be more, but I haven't seen them and don't have them on hand.

Ask PeTA!Ash
Ask PeTA!Cheren
Ask PeTA!Ghetsis